Official figures confirm that Sackville students make significantly above average progress in year 11

The publication of the official government league tables has confirmed the exceptional progress made by our students this year. 

At GCSE, our ‘Progress 8′ score was 0.35 – the fifth best in the county. This score, which is the new headline measure used by the government, captures the progress made by every student between leaving primary school and sitting GCSE exams at 16. A score of 0.35 may seem low, but it means that a student at Sackville would achieve one grade higher in three or four of their best 8 GCSEs than at a typical school. Take a student who would get 2Cs and 6Ds at a typical school. At Sackville last year, this student would have got 5 or 6 Cs, and so would have been able to go on to A level study in the sixth form.

And in the Sixth Form our students have made significantly above average progress for eighth year running, according to the national ALPS database. A good fact to bear in mind when choosing where to study after GCSE!

All of this is great testament to the hard work of students, staff and parents in the Sackville Community.

U15s are Mid-Sussex Netball Champions!

After three weeks of journeys to Burgess Hill to compete in the Mid-Sussex Netball League, our year 10 girls are now league champions. They topped the table of ten teams and were undefeated in all their matches. 

This result follows their win at the Versatility Tournament earlier this term (where players play in every position) and marks the end of a year of fantastic improvement for the team. In the the middle of year 8 the team came fifth in a league made up of the same schools, but they have worked extremely hard in training every week. Next up is the knock out cup – watch out! 

Year 8s study coastal landforms in the sun (and rain)

Year 8 students spent most of the last Friday in September on the beautiful Sussex coast. They learned of the ever changing nature of the littoral however, particularly looking at erosion around Birling Gap. They have studied longshore drift in lessons this year, and saw how man has tried to counter the impact of this on the chalk cliffs.

The students also visited the town of Seaford and were able to see how hard engineering had protected the town. At the same time they were invited to judge the costs as well as the benefits of the defences.

They returned to school keen to apply their new knowledge in the classroom.

Sussex schools relaunch ‘Worth Less’ campaign 

You may recall last year that headteachers in West Sussex began a campaign called “Worth Less?” to publicise the low educational funding of the county by central government and the need for a new national funding formula to be introduced as a matter of priority. The government announced last year that there will be a new formula, but with no clear start date and no extra provision for the forthcoming financial year 2017/18. Consequently, the “Worth Less?” campaign has been relaunched across the county.

Sackville has had a long tradition of managing its finances very carefully indeed and will continue to do so, driven by the aim of providing the best possible education for our students. We support this countywide campaign because we do not want our students to lose out unreasonably compared to others in the country.

Please click here for a letter from West Sussex heads explaining this further.

 Term dates 2016-17

You can find our term dates for next academic year, 2016-7, here. Please note that next year the holiday dates for Sackville and other West Sussex schools are not always the same as those for Surrey, East Sussex and Kent.


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