Matt Rieley

It is with with enormous sadness the we share the passing of Matt Rieley. For three years Matt fought a determined battle against cancer, maintaining a level of cheerfulness and humour that made him an inspiration to everyone who met him. This picture captures the essence of Matt’s spirit and joie de vivre.

Matt stayed on after leaving school as part of the site team. Nothing was ever too much trouble for him, and he simply ignored any pain or discomfort he was in.

Throughout his time at Sackville Matt was an integral part of the technical crew which supported every show and performance we put on. During the performance of ‘Our House’ in the spring he was delighted to be able to come on stage dressed as a skeleton.

Matt’s easy-going and gregarious personality meant he had a wide circle of friends. The depth of affection felt for him is evident from the comments being left on his Facebook page.

Our community is immeasurably diminished with his passing. Our thoughts and sympathies are with his family. 

Year 13 bow out with hilarious final assembly

So it’s farewell to year 13. What a great year group they have been for all the seven years they have spent at Sackville. Their final assembly, orchestrated by Mr Whitehead, brought plenty of laughs and the odd tear. Previous heads of year Mrs Turk and Mr Maywood were equally moved.

This lot broke the record for our best GCSE results (a record they may have only held for one year, but a record nonetheless). We expect them to match this success in the summer, and indeed are looking forward to tales of great success throughout the rest of their lives. Well done, good luck, and enjoy.

Sackville wins two awards from the School, Students and Teachers Network

We are delighted to announce that Sackville has two new awards from the School, Students and Teachers Network, the SSAT. The first is for being in the top 20% of schools for attainment at GCSE, and the second being for being in the top 20% of schools student progress at GCSE. In fact, we were in the top 12% of schools for student progress at GCSE. As a result of these awards, we have been invited by the SSAT to be a leading edge school.

It is very pleasing to have the hard work of our school community acknowledged by a body as well-respected as the SSAT. With the work our year 11 students and the school staff are putting in, we hope 2016 results will be even better!

These awards come at the same time as analysis from Oxford Analytics which confirms our student progress at A level is once again significantly above the national average.

 Term dates 2016-17

You can find our term dates for next academic year, 2016-7, here. Please note that next year the holiday dates for Sackville and other West Sussex schools are not always the same as those for Surrey, East Sussex and Kent.


For any child protection and safeguarding enquiries contact Mr D Hayden. You can view the safeguarding policy here.


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